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A BoF is an informal gathering of persons interested in a particular technical topic. SDC BoFs generally will discuss topics presented that day as part of SDC. BoF (Birds of a Feather) Sessions. Birds of a Feather sessions (or BoFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda. For example, BoFs allow groups to meet and discuss issues relating to regular conference sessions and talk out common problems facing the community. Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs) are initial discussions about a particular topic of interest to the IETF community. BoFs are usually held at IETF meetings, and requests to hold a BoF must be made significantly in advance of the meeting. Timestamps in description just below (click SHOW MORE) Event slides and presentations here: https://khr.io/qw 0:00 Khronos Overview - Neil Trevett 0:57:50 gl We summarize the discussions that took place during the FITS Birds of a Feather (BoF) session, which was held Monday, September 23, 1996 at 16:00.

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launch. Securityreason.com · SecurityFocus. Session ID: 2021-03-31:982a67f915578f9d64be7c2e Player Element ID: traffic); UTMC support with bandwidth management features; BOF Integration  BoF: Laying the Groundwork - Business Designations & Licensing. tor 15 apr A FEMINIST'S GUIDE TO BOTANY: Online Botanical Painting Session. tor 1 apr  BOF, Portugal.

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Birds Of a Feather (BOF) sessions are informal discussions that take place around the LUGRadio Live 2007. These sessions can be organised by anyone, and we will have some BOF Points around the venue where people can meet up for the discussion. Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions. SDC is pleased to offer a variety of Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions.

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5 mins: Welcome and Purpose for Revision (P5, Conformance , True Libraries Customization): Kevin; 5 mins: Introductions  14 Mar 2018 Birds of a Feather sessions (or BOFs) are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned  19 Jun 2012 A synopsis of the assessments and selected results will be presented in a short series of presentations and discussions ISC BOF session on  SC19: Birds of feather session: Challenges and Opportunities in Academic HPC Systems Research in 2030. Eurolab4HPC will present a BoF session titled  13 Sep 2007 I went along to a session on enabling uptake, which has evolved out of groups based in education and training.

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‹ DCSF website credits? BoF Session. This website is hosted on VPS sponsored by E2E Networks. Indian Network Operators Group Lead or attend a BoF! Meet with your peers! Present new work!
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This mainly involved people  1 Jun 2011 There will be a Birds of a Feather session for the Drizzle community at 7:00 pm July 27th at OSCon.

Another opportunity for communication. Share outcomes and plans, cross-pollinate, attract attention to your project. Please select someone from your BoF to give a summary—topic, what was discussed and decided, what's next, resources desired.
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After 19 August 2020, you can request a BOF session through the virtual platform starting on 24 August. BoF: Automotive Grade Linux Developer Session - Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation BoF’s Editor-at-Large Tim Blanks goes inside the minds of fashion’s most inspiring creatives. Listen to the prolific writer and show reviewer in conversation with some of the most exciting designers, photographers, stylists, set designers, hair and make-up artists and others who make the creative magic at the heart of the global fashion industry. BoF (Birds of a Feather) BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions are held at RIPE Meetings to start an informal discussion on a topic of shared interest among RIPE Meeting attendees. If a BoF attracts sufficient interest, it might become a RIPE Task Force or Working Group. BoF Session. This website is hosted on VPS sponsored by E2E Networks.

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et c'est quand qu'on zou ??? globe that cover web technologies. Among them are 2005's Microsoft Tech Ed Europe conference (BOF session) and all editions of Zend Conference so far.

For completeness we also include a Focus of this BoF: State of the Pracce: Energy and Power Aware Job Scheduling and Resource Management (EPA-JSRM) Background of the EPA-JSRM team: • Sub-team under the Energy Efficient HPC Working Group • Includes interested members from across the globe • HPC Centers/FaciliSes • Researchers • Vendors Alternatively, a BOF may serve as a forum for a single presentation or discussion, without any intent to form a working group. A BOF is a session at an IETF meeting which permits "market research" and technical "brainstorming". Any individual may request permission to hold a BOF on a subject. 2021-03-30 · Additionally, there will be an officially scheduled meeting time during one of the networking blocks that will be advertised on the schedule for the normal BoF session (as we would normally do in-person). BOF organizers will have the ability to record meetings in their Zoom rooms. Schedule of Birds-of-a-Feather flocks will be available in January New IETF work often fits into an existing working group and does not require an official "birds of a feather" (BOF) session [RFC5434] to determine community consensus. Nevertheless, the phrase "bar BOF" has commonly been used in the community when talking about such informal get-togethers that are held to discuss potential new work.