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Here are 20 In many cases, what made these original films special is missing from the newer offering. Yet every once in a while, a remake is better received than the original thanks to fresh ideas, new A few famous directors have remade their own work, and it's not always the remake that wins out. In the case of The Man Who Knew Too Much, it’s abundantly clear that 20 years of experience helped Dracula is a bit of a staple in horror movies and horror movie remakes, and it has been for more than a century. However, Francis Ford Coppola’s version leans more heavily on the original source material and creates – along with Gary Oldman’s brilliant portrayal of the leading man – a film about desire, seduction, greed, and fear. Though the original is a fine film, the remake is made by a director that has not only refined his style, but has the benefit of a bigger budget, resulting in a much more polished final product.

Remake films better than original

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The only examples I can think of are Carpenter's "The Thing" and another Martin Scorcese gem "Cape Fear" which was based on the film of the same title from the 1960s. Find out which 35 sequels we deemed better than the original movie, from Logan to Thor: Ragnarok to Paddington 2 to Toy Story 3. Wes Craven's original Hills Have Eyes is a truly terrifying film. The 1977 original centers on a family stranded in the desert, only to be set upon by murderous cannibals. And while Alexandre Aja's 2006 remake follows virtually the same plot, it employs higher production values, less camp, and is exponentially more terrifying than the original. The remake by Scorsese follows the same story, and is not shy about referencing the original film, to the point that it features cameos by Mitchum, Peck and Martin Balsam (who was present in the 1962 version as well).

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Aside from that one exception, reboots and remakes suck. I think remakes that are better than the originals are still uncommon, but here are four films my pal Ted S. and I think are on par or better than the original. Anyway, the two films that Ted picks are taken from this previous post that compares remakes from their originals. Ted’s Picks: Man on Fire.

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Remake films better than original

Sure the 1953 version has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes compared to the 2005’s 25%, but you can appreciate both in different ways. 8.

Remake films better than original

Before that, they discuss the recent movie release changes starting with Tenet in July and the introduction of a new Joker in Matt Reeves What makes this remake better than its original is the audience can finally see the faithful adaptation of the manga. Characters not shown in the original was in the remake, and they were able to execute Fruits Basket ‘s story well. Moreover, the art style and animation of the remake is so different from the original.
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Directed by Rouben Mamoulian, the film was Hi guys Here is the second half of the video Watch first half Do subscribe and press the bell icon of notification contact me at 2020-12-31 This film is a remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 original. Directed by Alexandre Aja , the plot includes bloodthirsty mutants who terrorize a family on a road trip. Of course, with almost any modern remake, you can expect that this one features more gore to satisfy all your horror needs – but that’s not to say the OG wasn’t scary as hell. 2018-09-08 2019-09-12 10 Movie Remakes That Were Better Than The Original.

Next: 10 Obscure (But Awesome) Thriller Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Today Both movies are nice, but the original one, a classic directed by Fritz Lang, is much better.
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Sometimes it works and sometimes it leaves everyone feeling despair on the inside. Join CBR as we look at 10 cartoon remakes that were better than the originals and 10 that were much worse. 20 BETTER: DUCKTALES While there were a few changes in the recent remake starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, it was heavily criticized for being too much like the 1991 original animated movie. Regardless, the 2017 So here are some of the best horror remakes ever made--great movies that actually managed to improve on the iconic originals. 11. Last House On The Left (2009) There's no denying that Wes Craven's 2020-12-31 · It's a remake of the 1932 film.

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of the first two movies". Soon, a man named Simon calls and asks for McClane.

Sometimes, however, the sequels seem to go on forever. After a while, you're not sure where it all Here are the top 10 best original film soundtracks including works by Thomas Newman, Howard Shore, Harry Gregson-Williams, Yann Tiersen, and John Williams. As time progresses and music evolves, it's hard to define modern orchestral music us Why mess with a good thing? Check out these classic movies that didn't need their remakes. Keep it classic, Hollywood! RD.COM Arts & Entertainment The original movie didn’t make a splash at the box office, but it became a favorite for every Disney has remade many of their classic films in recent years.